But when we’re talking about a casual or a hobbyist photo shooting? Or perhaps a downshifted kind of professional photography? Then the question of can smartphones compare to DSLRs becomes relevant again… All in all, that’s an interesting question. Of course, as far as the image quality is concerned, your DSLR (and certainly all modern DSLRs) win hands down. But smartphone cameras are on a fast track of improving, and many of those can now capture images that make for a decent A4-size print.

Also, in terms of portability, when we’re choosing the camera which you’re most likely to carry everywhere the winner is clear. It’s the smartphone camera certainly has a bit of an advantage over your regular DSLR. Recently I decided to wade into the smartphone camera vs DSLR debate with a thoughtful research and strength examining for each. This kind of SWOT analysis examines the lenses, battery life, picture quality, zoom capabilities and, of course, the usability of these very different types of cameras.

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  • Label: But when we're talking about a casual or a hobbyist photo shooting? Or perh

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